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Macro de stop cast: #showtooltip Spell Reflection /cast [stance:1/2,equipped: Shields] Spell Reflection; [stance:3] Defensive Stance /stopmacro [equipped: Shield] /stopcasting /equip nome da arma /equip nome do shield Macro de Trocar de arma: /equip Arma 2h /equipslot [equipped:two-hand] 16 Arma 1h /equipslot [equipped:two-hand] 17 Shield Macro Disarm: #showtooltip Disarm /cast [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance /cast Disarm Macro para não quebrar o Fear: #showtooltip Intimidating SHout /cast Intimidating Shout /stopattack Macro para shieldwall, reclessness e retaliation: #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Retaliation /cast [stance:2] Shield Wall /cast [stance:3] Recklessness Macros para focus: /focus Trocar Focus por Target(muito bom em arena 2x2): /cleartarget [target=target, dead] /clearfocus [target=focus, dead] /cleartarget [target=focus, noexists] /focus /targetlasttarget Se tiver faltando algum, avisa ai que eu faço, eu uso só esses mesmo, o resto é keybiding.

You're also free to PM me with anything else if you don't feel comfortable posting it here. And then the same way for each class, and you can always add some custom ones that aren't related to anything specific for this game but are still useful - but that goes into the general gameplay category.

Warlocks and Priests, who can use fear to cause the warrior to run away thus making him vulnerable and removing him from the fight.

A warrior can change his stance to the berserker stance and gainimmunity to fear effects for a short time In those rare times when a player faces a line of enemies coming towards him, he should not forget about his own ares of effect fear ability, intimidating shout.

In the back row are Tweek, Jimmy, Kevin, and Jason.

In the middle row are Clyde, Token, Butters, and Timmy. [that sends the group charging at the ganker, who responds by summoning an army of giant scorpions] What the? [the actual rogue player is shown in his apartment, leaning back on his chair and playing without needing to think very much about what to do next. [rushes to join the others] Goddamnit we lost Clyde!

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Pois é muito mais vantagem você continuar com sua two hand spamando overpower ms, você estara colocando pressão, em vez de sofre-la, use spell reflection em caso de quite, como polymorfh ou cyclone, não em um cast de "wrath" e nem em um cc como roots , se vc tiver alguém para dar um dispel/cleanse.

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