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Some of the safety features of the system are: Improper alterations Improper alterations are the most consistent problem I find with knob and tube wiring, and they pose a significant safety hazard.

Unfortunately from a safety standpoint, the electrical system is one of the few things in a home that can be installed completely wrong and still Additional branches improperly added to the original wiring is one of the common problems I see.

As stated above, Knob and Tube and insulation (loose fill or fiberglass batts) don't mix, because it is essential that the wires are free to dissipate heat. In fact, the United States National Electric Code (NEC) section 324-4, forbids the use of loose, blown-in, or expanding foam insulation over Knob and Tube wiring. Unfortunately, I don't have more photos from down here.

I recently had a home energy audit preformed by Energy Audits Unlimited (highly recommended), and they found places in my house that needed insulation, but before I could insulate, I needed to remove the Knob and Tube.When additional branches or fixtures are added, the fuses protecting the old circuits are likely to blow frequently.Installing larger fuses is an easy, but unsafe, solution.For one thing, just from a purely legal perspective, it's usually a violation of the electrical code.Having knob and tube wiring can cause problems with home sales, insurance paperwork, and other activities related to your home.

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His basic theory was that if you keep the wires cool, and they haven't caused you trouble yet, it's unlikely to cause a problem.

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