Gpgnet keeps updating in vista

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Cybran limited edition, which the GF was in to pick up. Originally posted by aertuun: My copy just arrived in the post this morning. Achilles said in his post over at Ars Clan that performance was much improved over the demo. ) that the game actually creates a moving dust cloud and a wave of dust that pushes out from the explosion. Lots and lots of small effects and particles about.

' and to neglect letting anyone know from where you ordered it. How can we be expected to game the internet without information?!? Despite the relatively poor demo, having played the beta am VERY excited about this game. Can now run the game on two screens (with settings on High) at about the roughly same FPS that the demo had on one screen, using the following system: AMD Athlon X2 3700 1GB memory NVidia Ge Forece 7600GT 256MBWhat's the frame rate command again? Noticed when suiciding one of my ACUs (pretty explosions!

Despite the relatively poor demo, having played the beta am VERY excited about this game. This is the second such post to both say 'It's out! Turning that down to medium will likely make the game run perfectly smoothly on two monitors.

Cybran limited edition, which the GF was in to pick up. Maybe after you get a chance to play, you can fill us in more on this, aertuun. Tried a 40x40 map, and the FPS was noticeably a bit better (still at high fidelity).

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-Buckfast76 | 2.81 MB weapons to launch massive invasions on your enemies.

Tried an 80x80km map to start with, just playing in sandbox mode. Having tinkered with the demo, the main setting that effects FPS appears to be fidelity.

To give reference, using the same settings on the demo made my system choke. Started just southwest of the middle, and my scouts ran out of fuel before being able to cross to the edges.

The team positions on the map allow for various styles of play to compliment each other.

Hi All, My wife and I have four computers (two desktops, and two laptops).

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According to the in-game fiction, the Cybran Nation consists of a race of cybernetically enhanced humans known as "symbionts" that seek their freedom from the oppressive human regime of future Earth, which is controlled by the aggressive United Earth Federation, a faction that has enslaved the symbionts for fear of rebellion.

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