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Original Elgin Porcelain Dial with Painted Black Roman Numeral Hour Markers and Blued Steel Hour Minute and Auxiliary Second Hands all in a Silveroid Great Condition. It is an attractive double sunk dial with striking black numerals, red second numbers and blue moon hands. For a case that is 106 years old, it still shows very well. The back has two minor dings and a fine scratch, no major dents. The two sisters participated in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as torchbearers. Inside the back cover is marked "ae", "gold filled".condition, no scratches chips or cracks! It was a gift from my mother to him on their 25th Wedding anniversary. On the works side reads New era USA # 3387354 , which date to the1800s. Dial- single sunk porcelain with bold roman numeral hour markers and train track type minute chapter. This watch is 50 mm across not counting stem and crown.

Stem Wound and Lever Set, Eleven Jeweled, Gilded Movement which is running strong and keeping great time. Serial # 1691235 dates this watch back to approx 1884. I am not an appraiser, please keep that in mind if you contact me for information or value of your time piece. The watch face has a recessed second dial at the 6 position. For more information follow this link: Case is somewhat worn, especially the main case perimeter which has plate missing, but it still looks good overall and has a great dial. Unique mint single sunk dial signed "Waltham " with embossed flower design in centre of dial, gold Arabic numerals, very nice matching blued steel hands and a mint thick clear beveled glass crystal. On the dial of the watch below the 12 is Caravelle. I have not been able to remove the back yet so I can't add the movement information. Hands and crystal- nice blued steel "moon" type hands and crystal is good with very minor scratches. The dial is plain white porcelain with gold dots at each second mark looks really sharp . Winding: Manual Metal: Gold filled Measurements: size 18s Caliber: Longines caliber 21.54 , 17 jewels Movement Sn: 2199455Working condition: Movement works fine and keeps good time. The dial is a gold colour and the name on it is Exposition with "Swiss" just below 6. On the inside of the back is stamped Granges W Co, Swiss. Case The case is in excellent condition without dings or dents. Dial and crystal The fancy face is cream with black Roman numerals into circles marking the hour. The dial is in excellent condition without hairlines or chips.

The original Keystone Silveroide case is in Great Condition. I don't mind answering emails on the topic, but I cannot guarantee it is correct. Face is in nice cover is marked with a scale symbol and the number 2068468 as is the back cover. There are no visible chips or cracks in this 'American Waltham' signed 24 hour dial, and the hands appear to be original as well. This stem wind pendent set clean nicely damaskeened 17 jewel movement signed "A. ON one side of the fob is the astrological symbol, Scorpio. Summary- good, strong running hi-grade Swiss 12 size pocket watch with o.k. The watch movement and case are marked (cyrus g.t.) and that is the only marking other then the silver hallmarks and .800 .every cover is stamped .800 and hallmarked German silver mark so the watch is indeed German, the case is original because it is marked same as movement. It has a gold train, a brass 3 spoke early balance wheel. The balance cock is scrolled and has a ruby end stone. The movement is inscribed with No Jewels, 1 One Adjustment and "Granges W Co., the case is Gold Filled. The Louis the 14th fancy hands are very beautiful and in excellent condition.

The inner back dust cover is marked with a keystone symbol and the same number 2068468 the case has a ornate design on top and bottom of case. The crystal is scratch free mineral and may be a replacement as it looks super. Waltham Mass." serial #22964xxx is housed in a triple hinged J. Case measures 1.7 inches or 43mm not including crown. Victorian Hallmarked Sterling Silver Key Wind Key Set Pocket Watch Sterling silver open faced pocket watch with three fingered bi-metallic Swiss gilt movement. The hands are original and also in excellent condition. This watch dates back to 1900s and measures a full 57wide not counting crown and is a size 18, check out that original white porcelain dial with black roman numbers and blue 5 minute chapter and matching blue steel hands and sub seconds under a clear scratch free glass crystal, very nice dial with no visible cracks or hairlines, this watch has a 17-Jewel manual wind lever set Swiss movement and is SIGNED H. The glass is in excellent condition without any scratches.

"The serial number is on the movement not the case".

A couple of very light hairlines and absolutely no chips. The case is nickel silver and made by the Illinois Watch Case Co. CASE: Signed, a Crescent Moon and Star Trade Mark, Pat. This watch was owned by Rhoda Wurtele Eaves or her sister Rhona Wurtele Gillis. Rhoda Wurtele Eaves was Torchbearer 164 passing the flame to Torchbearer 165 Rhona Wurtele Gillis in Oakville, Ontario. Serial number is 25425122 which dates this watch to 1926. The original porcelain dial with painted black Arabic numeral hour markers and black hour minute and auxiliary second hands is in excellent condition! On the inside of the cover is inscribed June 27-1976, 25th. No real issues with this dial except for a couple of tiny scratches and tiny hairline, otherwise near perfect. Nice 16 size in .800 sterling silver case with a rose gold wash really sets off the case nicely the two colors look very nice together. It is a stem wind and set with a screw off front bezel. with engraved train on back, This watch has been SIGNED on the dial, and movement Swiss made stem wind/set pocket watch, in full working order and keeping good time..

Based in Massachusetts, Tom can be reached via his website, American Watch Company Web, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

I got interested in clocks in 1967, and I started collecting watches fairly seriously in the early ‘80s. Pocket watches are a little bit more manageable, and in some ways more interesting, too.

This tells us the case was made by the American Waltham Co. The serial number on the CASE DOES NOT GIVE ANY MORE INFORMATION.

The serial number (3097487) allows you to date this watch. You can find this information on the American Waltham page. On the inside of the cover we find on this watch, the logo AWco and K18.

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The dial on this watch is in very good condition with no cracks or chips. Serial Number: CC006912, It is difficult to date but it appears to be Ca. Case shows an arm with a raised hammer within a diamond shape. High grade 15 jewel and two adjustments clean and running strong with great true balance and motion. Case- Dueber "20 year" gold filled with screw front and back.

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