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Bt usage monitor not updating

For the low price to be worthwhile, though, customers need to know they won't go over the limit.

Even those with a broadband package that includes unlimited downloads you could still fall foul of peak time restrictions as part of a fair use policy (more here).

With the My BT app you can view, download and pay a BT bill.

See how much you're using all your BT products – including landline, broadband, TV and mobile.

Log in to find out if your home is ready for smart meters.

All we ask is that you have either your electricity or your gas and electricity with us.

Having smart meters does not in any way prevent customers from being able to change supplier.

It does not record what you do on the Internet (i.e. This tool will help you to manage your usage to avoid incurring excess bandwidth fees or find your broadband provider slowing you down due to exceeding your monthly usage allowance.

If your home isn’t ready, we will add you to our waiting list.

We’ll keep you updated and let you know when you can get them installed. You will also receive a smart energy monitor which can be placed anywhere in your home and communications hub, which is a small box that automatically sends meter readings to us and to the smart energy monitor.

It is small utility which monitors the amount of broadband traffic being sent and received by your computer in the background, causing no disruption to normal usage.

Bit Meter displays real time and historical information about your usage on a page which opens in your normal web browser, although we must stress that none of this information is shared online, the browser is just a handy means with which to view it. Once installed, all you need to do is open the shortcut to the web interface and everything is in front of you.

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Let us know in the new App Feedback option or take this short survey: We are sorry that the Speed Test feature on the My BT App is unavailable at the moment while we carry out essential maintenance work.

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